Lunch & Pool Program

Lunch at LA

Summer 2021 we unfortunately will be unable to provide lunch to our campers. All campers will be asked to pack a lunch from home Monday – Thursday. On Friday’s, we will have a Pizza Party and lunch will be provided this day.

We will still be able to provide individually packed snacks twice a day (for full day campers) and once a day (for half day campers).

Mornings can be crazy, so we take the stress of packing lunches away! Each day, we provide healthy and well-balanced meals that are kid-friendly. We offer a deli line, hot entrée, salad bar, pasta, and grilled cheese options, so even our most picky eaters are happy! 

Food Allergies

We take food allergies very seriously here at LA. To make our camps safe and easier on kids and families with food allergies, we take the following precautions:

  • Lawrence Academy is NUT SAFE. There are no peanuts or tree nuts served, and there are no hidden nut products found in any of our foods.
  • We exclude all pre-packaged snacks that are “produced in a facility that process peanuts and tree nuts,” according to their ingredient labels.
  • We offer Gluten-free lunch and snack alternatives each day.
  • Our food service staff is trained and certified in ServSafe and allergy management in the kitchen.
  • Our camp staff receives extensive food allergy training and closely supervises all meals with their campers.

If you have a food-related question or concern, please contact us before the start of the camp season, so we can meet with you in person to discuss how we can best accommodate your child’s needs.

Pool Program

Pool fun
  • Free Swim is offered for all full day campers. Staff will have non-swimming activities to campers to do poolside if they do not wish to swim.
  • Group swim lessons will not be provided during the camp day this year for campers older than 4. Our Preschool Campers will still have swim lessons each day. Our 5 & 6 year campers will have structured swimming time that will be lifeguard and swim instructor lead.
  • Those who wish to have private or semi-private swim lessons before or after camp, may sign up for them separately.

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons:

Smiles all around...

Summer 2021, our swim instructors will be able to offer Private Swim Lessons or Semi-Private* Swim lessons.

Private lessons are one-on-one, camper and swim instructor.

*Semi-Private lessons are for up to 3 campers of similar swim level and 1 swim instructor. With Covid-19 protocols, Summer at LA will not be able to group campers. Families wishing to have Semi-Private lessons will need to create their own pair or group of 3 and inform the camp office at the time of sign up. At the first lesson, the swim instructor will make sure that the campers in the semi-private lesson are of similar swim levels appropriate for lessons together.

All lessons meet 4 days a week and are 30 minutes long. Lessons meet Monday – Thursday with Friday reserved for make-ups if needed.

Private Lesson Fee: $180/week
Semi-Private Lesson Fee: $140/camper per week

Free Swim

As an elective option each day, all children can choose free swim. From ages 7 and up, campers are given the option to take the deep end test, which gives them access to the entire pool. Upon passing, your child will receive a red bracelet that they should not remove during camp.

The Deep End Test

Another group by the pool...

This test was put in place to ensure that all of our campers are strong and safe swimmers before they are allowed to enter the deeper water (7ft).

To pass, children must swim one lap of the pool (down to the deep end and back), and tread 5 for minutes in the deep end.

Campers can take the test once each day, with no limit on how many times they attempt the test.

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.