Leadership Training Institute (formerly C.I.T)

We are unable to offer our Leadership Training Institute for the Summer of 2021. We look forward to better days ahead and being able to bring this program back for the Summer of 2022.

Here at Summer at Lawrence Academy, as part of the Leadership Training Institute, you will be a Junior Leader. As a Junior Leader, you will begin the first week of your journey under the Leadership Training Institute Director who will prepare you to become an active part of camp where you will assist and train under the mentor-ship of both our small group leaders who run age levels ranging from 3-15 years of age, as well as Activity Leaders who run activities ranging from Science and STEM to Art and Dance. The Leadership Training Institute Director will work with your junior leader on skills including but not limited to team collaboration, building authentic relationships, advocating for one’s self and others, team building, tapping into your creative side and communicating with those around you.

Once comfortable, the Director, in conversation with the Junior leader, will pair them with Small Group leaders, rotating between age groups for the following three weeks. Junior Leaders will be able to identify their preferences, however, we do ask that with this opportunity, that the Junior Leader is committed to taking some healthy risks, which can include doing some hard tasks, such as trying out some tasks that you might not be as familiar with! Here, Junior Counselors will be interacting, in partnership with small group leaders, with our fellow campers! As the summer continues, the Junior Leaders will put together the carnival for the carnival theme week- one of the most exciting weeks of camp for our campers! Junior leaders, in collaboration with the Director, will put together games, activities and food for the event, as well as participate and engage in the fun activities!

The Leadership Training Institute encompasses leadership in all of it forms- and here at Summer at Lawrence Academy, we see youth as the future leaders of our country, and we are dedicated to engaging our Junior Leaders to realize their full potentials! Please join us if you would like to build the skills above- and we look forward to bringing your ability to inspire, motivate and energize those around you!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions 😊

June 22 – July 17, 2020: Session 1
July 20 – August 14, 2020: Session 2