Frequently Asked Camp Questions

1. May I see the camp before I register?

Of course! We would love to show you around! We run tours on select Saturdays and Sundays each month at 10 AM and 11 AM. Email the camp office (campoffice@lacademy.edu) to find out when the next tour date is!

2. Where and how do I register for your summer programs?

A “Register Now” button is located in many places on this site. Click any of the Register Now buttons to be directed to our camp registration page. It is a simple and easy process, and our registration system walks you through it all step by step!

3. Is Financial Aid available?

Limited financial aid is available to some qualifying families. Please contact the camp office for an application. Financial Aid applications must be received by March 1st of the year you are applying for...

4. Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We have a variety of different discounts. Registering before March 1st offers you the lowest prices for camp as our rates increase as on March 1st.

We offer a 3% discount if you pay in full at the time of registration. We also offer discounts based on the number of weeks registered, beginning at 4 or more weeks registered: 4-5 weeks: 5%; 6-7 weeks: 8%; 8 weeks: 10%; all 9 weeks: 1 week free. We also offer a sibling discount of 5% beginning with the 3rd child. All children must be registered for the same weeks to receive this discount. **Discounts are not able to be combined. The most significant discount will be applied at the time of registration.

5. Do you have a refund policy?

We have a deposit of $50 per camper, per camp week is due at the time of registration. The deposit is applied to your balance. Until May 1st, this deposit is transferable to other camps if a camp switch is needed. Refunds will be processed up until May 1st when received in writing (email). After May 1st, any cancellations will be refunded up to 50% the total cost of the camp. All balances are due on or before May 15th. After June 1st we do not issue any refunds.

6. Do your camps usually fill?

Yes! Our camps are very popular and tend to fill quickly. Occasionally we open new camps as camps fill, or add extra spots when wait-lists get long. However, if you need a camp for your child, we usually can accommodate late enrolled campers in our LA Day Base Camp. Check our website for enrollment updates or contact our office.

7. What happens if a camp I want is already full?

If you choose, we will place you on a waitlist for that camp. Payment is not due until a spot opens in that camp. While we cannot guarantee that you will be pulled off of the waitlist, in past years many families have been accommodated!

8. Can I change camps I have registered for?

Before May 1st, you can change camps with no penalty. Please contact the camp office to inquire about your specific needs. After May 1st, a $25 change fee is charged for each change made. All requests for changes must be confirmed in writing by sending a communication to camp email.

1. Can my child participate in the extended day options?

Yes! Our extended day options are available to all campers.

2. Are lunch and snacks provided for trip camps?

Yes. Each morning before leaving on their daily trip, counselors will make their lunches for the day. The trip camps will depart campus with coolers filled with lunches, snacks, and water for the day.

3. Do specialty campers swim during the day?

Yes! All our camps, with the exception of our trip camps, have a swim time each day. Occasionally, our trip camps will be back early and have an opportunity to swim if they wish. **Please note: Campers signed up for Double the Fun camps who are between 5 and 8 years old will NOT have swimming lessons as part of or as an elective option of their day. Swimming lessons occur in the morning to accommodate all free swim times in the afternoons. If you would like swim lessons for your child and they are attending a specialty or Double the Fun camp, please sign up for private swim lessons before or after camp.

4. What should my camper bring to camp?

A specific camp packing list for your child’s specialty camp will be emailed to you prior to camp.

1. Do you provide lunch and snacks?

Yes, daily snacks and lunches are provided by the camp. Our lunch menu is available in early June. To take a look at our past summer lunch menu, please click on the About Us Tab and scroll to Facilities. Please notify the camp office in advance if your child has a food allergy or concern. Lawrence Academy is a NUT SAFE facility. We can accommodate most food allergies with prior notice.

2. Can I pack a lunch from home?

Due to Lawrence Academy being a nut-safe facility as well as having many campers with varieties of different food allergies, we ask that families do not pack lunches from home. If your child has specific health or food allergy concern, please contact the office to discuss alternate food options.

3. Do you have an extended day offering?

Yes. We have both morning and afternoon extended care. We offer early AM Care from 7:15 – 8:45 AM Monday – Friday. Our LA Day Preschool Camp provides extended PM Care from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. For all other campers, PM Care is from 4:00 – 6:00 PM.

AM Care Pre-Sign Up discounted rate: $65/week

AM Care is available from 7:15 AM – 8:45 AM every day for campers 3-15 years old

Daily Drop in Rate: $20/day

PM Care Pre-Sign Up discounted rate: $90/week

PM Care is available from 4:00 – 6:00 PM every day for campers 5-15 years old

Daily Drop in Rate: $25/day

4. Is transportation provided by the camp?

Yes. We offer three bus route options that can both pick up and drop off your child each day. Bus routes go to locations in Littleton, Westford, and Acton. You can sign up for our bus transportation by the week and for AM, PM, or both. Advanced sign up is required, and space is limited!

5. What if my child does not like their chosen elective?

We allow a one day trial period of a chosen elective. If at the end of Monday your child would like to switch out of an elective, please email the office. If space is available, they are welcome to change their choice. This is only allowed on Monday of camp and cannot be reversed...

6. What happens on rainy or bad weather days?

If it is just drizzling, most of our outdoor activities will continue as planned. Packing a raincoat on days with iffy weather is a good idea! If the rain is heavy or we have severe weather, we naturally move all our outdoor fun indoors!

7. Do you have a camper discipline policy?

We do have a camper discipline policy. We have outlined and detailed this policy in our Parent Handbook. We believe in taking a positive approach to behavior management. We provide structure, engaging staff and praise for good behavior.

1. Is there a full-time nurse on staff?

Yes. We have a full-time nurse on staff. We also have a Certified Athletic Trainer and EMTs on campus as well. Also, the Camp Director, Assistant Director, and Pool Director are all Certified Health Supervisors.

2. What health information is required for my child to attend camp?

A physical within the past 12 months, health history, and a complete immunization record are required for your child to attend camp. The physical and immunization record must be signed (either physically or electronically) by the child’s physician.

3. Do you have a sick policy?

Yes. If your child is sick, please keep him or her home from camp. Campers must be fever and symptom-free (without medication) for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to camp. Occasionally, our nursing staff will require a doctor’s note to return to camp.

4. What typically happens if my child becomes ill or injured during camp?

Our healthcare staff will see your child (either at the health center or where the sick or injured camper is). The staff will attend to any immediate first aid needed and will communicate with you, the parent. If it is a medical emergency, the health staff will ask the camp office to call the family, while they remain with the camper and emergency medical team. Minor injuries or illnesses (small cuts, scrapes, bumps, moments of nausea, etc.) will be communicated to parents via either an email, phone call, or note sent home at the end of the day.

5. Can I visit my child during camp?

Of Course! We ask that you come to the camp office when you arrive to pick up a visitor badge.

1. What is the drop off process each morning?

On your child’s very first day of camp, we ask that you park your car (at the pool) and walk your camper into camp to check in. We want to make sure your child has a smooth transition on day one and to make sure we have all appropriate information needed. After this first initial day, we run an active drop off and pick up line in the circle in front of the Stone Athletic Center. You will receive a car visor tag that we ask is displayed as you enter campus. This allows us to have the fastest access to get your child. At drop off, counselors are stationed outside (rain or shine), to help your child out of the car, help then get any belongings, and bring them into the building and their camps morning location. Please do not allow your child to get out of the car until you have been asked to do so by our staff outside.

For pick up, the process looks very similar to the drop off in the AM, but in reverse. As you come over the hill to enter the Athletic Complex, you will be greeted by a staff member who has a radio and will be looking for your visor tag. They will radio your child’s last name, and our counselors at the athletic center will get your child and bring them to the waiting/loading area outside. As you make your way down to the circle, you will be directed forward into the loading zone, where our staff will help your child into the car, fasten their seat belt, and load any bags/belongings into the trunk if requested.

Please be mindful that the speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour, and when pick up and drop off is occurring, we ask that all families drive no faster than 5 miles per hour for the safety of our campers and staff. Please follow our staffs’ directives; we have worked hard to master this process and our procedures are in place for the safety of our campers, staff and you.

We ask that all parents using the active pick up and drop off line remain in their vehicle at all times. If you need to speak with a counselor, help your child into the car, or get out of your car for any other reason, please bypass the active pick up/drop off line and park your car at the pool and walk inside.

2. Where do I drop off my child each day?

Drop off and pick up both take place at the Stone Athletic Center on Lawrence Academy’s campus. The best entrance to campus to use is our entrance off of Rt 40. If you drive straight up the hill (keeping the football field on your left) you will arrive at the Stone Athletic Center.

3. Where do I park my car on the first day of camp or if I want to come inside?

Please park in the spaces at the pool near the Stone Athletic Center.

4. My child will be using extended day (either AM or PM), where do I drop off or pick up?

Extended care takes place in the Stone Athletic center. Please park your car and walk in to drop off and/or pick up your child. We do not run the active pick up or drop off line for AM or PM care.

5. What do I do if I arrive late for drop off?

If you arrive to camp past 9:15 AM, please go directly to the camp office (located on the 2nd floor of the Stone Athletic Center). We will bring your camper to their camp for you. Please do not drop your child off at their camp or the area that your camper tells your that they usually are. It is important that you personally check your child in at the camp office if you arrive late to camp.

6. What do I do if I need to pick up my camper early?

Contact the camp office to let us know when you will be picking your camper up. Our office staff will tell you where to meet your camper at that time. Our staff will have your camper ready to be picked up at the time you requested. If an early pick up is needed, we ask that it is PRIOR to 3:30 PM. Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate early pick ups after 3:30 PM.

**In this day and age of electronics, while we discourage campers having electronic devices with them at camp, we are aware that many still will carry a phone with them for emergencies or to communicate with their parents. Please note that you must be in communication with the camp office directly (via email or phone call) if your camper will be picked up early.

7. What happens if I am late picking up my camper?

After 4:10 PM each day, any campers not picked up will go to extended care. Campers not picked up at extended care by 4:15 PM will be charged the daily PM Care rate.

8. Who can pick up my child?

We have an authorized pick up form for you to fill out to give people you've chosen -- other than legal parent/guardians -- permission to pick up your child from camp. We will only allow campers to leave with people on the authorized pick up form. We ask that if someone other than those listed on the authorized pick up form will be picking up your child one day, please inform us in writing either with a note in the AM when you drop off or via email. All persons picking up should be ready to show a valid picture ID when picking up.